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We offer a full race package deal from arrival and return to the Continental Airport. This includes everything for a great race weekend.   No other Running Travel Companies can offer what we do. Just look at what our package deals include:-

Commitment fee:   We operate with a low commitment fee of just £50. This is the figure that we initially ask from you to secure your place and is deducted from the balance payable approximately 4 weeks before the race.

Flights:   Under our system you book your own flights, therefore these will be from airports convenient to you, at times that suit you. This often saves a small fortune on trains, airport parking or taxis. We advise the date of the event well in advance, meaning you get the opportunity to take advantage of the best flight prices. Our Budgetair search engine link compares all the flights from your area, quoting the best times and fares.

Baggage: When travelling for a weekend race it is always worth considering taking hand baggage only. Flight prices are always less for this of course and you can also check in on-line, saving queues and hassle. All our hotels supply shampoo, soap, toiletries and towels - items that often fall foul of security regulations.  

Airport Meeting : We know how daunting it can be to arrive at an unfamiliar foreign airport. That is why we always personally await our customers' arrival. We set a pre-determined rendezvous point in the airport, and we are there no matter what time your arrival! We often see and feel the relief from our clients when they meet us in our bright green uniforms. Unlike other Running Travel Companies we refuse to just send a local, non-English speaking taxi driver with a sign with your name on it. We have seen them miss and leave too many people stranded! We know how important it is to be put at your ease as soon as possible.    

Hotels:   Our good class hotels are all as close to the Start line as possible (or Finish if a point to point race). Runners know and appreciate the reasons behind this. Changing and showers, kit security, and that all important last toilet visit. No need to share a portable toilet with 15,000 other runners - unless you really want to of course! Check where other Running Travel Companies may be placing you - many look for the best prices they can get to maximise their profit and so their hotels are miles away from the race and in an inaccessible or 'dodgy' part of town. This often means an expensive taxi ride each time, or worse! - Our runners needs always come first!

At our Tourist Resort Races we usually offer Half Board Accommodation. This is great for groups, as the evening meals give an opportunity for bonding that these events always provide. For individuals it is handy too, as they get to meet other runners and join and feel a part of our group.

For our Big City Races , as well as being located close to the start lines, our hotels are also well placed for sightseeing and transfers. On the whole these are on a bed and breakfast basis and we make recommendations of good value, trustworthy local restaurants, bars and cafes to make your money go further.

A Running Crazy staff member will aim to be in the hotel each and every evening to check that all is well and catch up with you. Join us when you wish.

Local knowledge:   We have built up an extensive local knowledge of these cities and resorts and will be only too pleased to share our secrets with you. We know the best value places to eat, drink and party - No tourist traps blowing the whole weekend's budget in one meal for our clients! We offer the opportunity to join us for a trustworthy, good value evening meal (normally pasta) the night before the race, and an after race get together/party the night after. This is great for socialising with other members of our group but of course some people prefer to sightsee on their own. No problem, whatever suits you suits us. In addition we know the city transport systems well and will advise you on these. We can also supply transport tickets if you wish. We always provide a city/resort map with our weekend itinerary and a list of things to see and do, with directions to them. This can be handy when on a tight timescale. We will suggest training routes close to the hotel if you are staying for some time. We will also tell you where to buy water locally, where the nearest ATM is situated, and where you can find the local chemist.

Language:   At all our races we have experienced locals who we can call on to help with any problems. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that bad things can happen. We have people on hand to help at the Police Station/Hospital if this situation should occur. Thankfully this doesn't happen often and is generally covered by insurance, but when it does, our helpers can greatly reduce the hassle.

Itinerary: We supply an itinerary of the weekend's events on your arrival. However it is up to you where and when you choose to join us - the weekend is yours to enjoy how you want to! This itinerary also supplies important contact information in case of need too - We are available to you 24/7.

Guaranteed Race Entry:   Being the official race partner we have guaranteed places and our good relationships with the race organisers have been built over many years. We are more likely to be able to switch races for runners suffering or recovering from injuries, arrange late entries, and sometimes can even swap T-Shirts for sizes that fit! We also sort out any problems regarding prizes and trophies - many people have returned home not realising they have won an age category trophy etc. The cost of race entry is generally included within our price.

Race Number Collection and Delivery:   When you are on a tight timescale and you have many sights to take in, queuing up at the race EXPO is probably one of the last things you want to do. We take out all the hassle by collecting and delivering your goody bag/T-Shirt/Race Number/Timing Chip etc to our hotel. Many runners tell us how useful this is. Other Running Travel Companies just leave you to pick up your own Race Number, may not have paid your fee, and some do not even know or care where the EXPO is.

Course Briefing:   Not only do we collect and deliver all your race particulars, but we have run in all of the events ourselves. We are able to provide you with a comprehensive course briefing including a video or map of the course. We know all there is to know about any hills, water/feed stations, course markers, landmarks and toilets on route etc. Few, if any, other Running Travel Companies can claim this.

Pre-Race meal :   Our pasta meal the night before the event always proves very popular with our customers. Not only is it a chance to mix with other runners but we also know the best value and quality restaurants close to our city hotels. We make group bookings and because we have travelled to these events for years, the restaurants we use know us and are happy to accommodate us. Again groups travelling independently struggle with making restaurant bookings.

Early Morning Breakfast :   Where there is a morning start to the races, we have arranged with our hotels for early morning breakfast - generally at least 3 hours before the race. Hotels are less likely to entertain a 5.30am breakfast for one, if you are travelling independently! More often than not groups travelling independently cannot achieve these arrangements either (we have seen groups fail trying!) - we have worked with these hotels for many years and they are happy to accommodate our special requirements. We believe no other Running Travel Company can offer this.

Race Support:   Our Hotels are all within a stone's throw of the start - and whilst this is handy for toilets (you know what we mean!), changing and showers, kit storage and security, sometimes the weather might be against us. No problem as we have a kit collection service set up so you can stay warm and dry right up until the last minute. Whilst you are slogging it out on the course, we are out there too - cheering on our customers, and also taking photos. These photos appear later on our Facebook page. Look at the smiles on our runners' faces - even those in a Marathon!

Spectator Support:   As well as being there for our runners, we are also able to advise spectators where best to site themselves for the best view of the race. At some of our races we even take supporters to a café that is pre-booked, where they can enjoy a drink before the runners appear.       

After Race Party:   You have had a good run, you have had a great day and now you need a great night to round it all off. Our exclusive Running Crazy After Race Party is the only place to go! We have race photos on the big screens, prize giving and party surprises that go on late in to the night. Celebrating on your own is no fun - join us for a memorable fun time.   

Extras:   Many of our clients comment on the many little extra things that they get with us that they cannot get anywhere else. We will keep these our secret - all seemingly little things   - but they really mean a lot!

Camaraderie:   On a Running Crazy race weekend you have everything not just for a weekend race away but for a fantastic, fun filled running experience! One where you will meet new running buddies, share stories of your race, your training, your life! Friendships are forged on our weekends and the camaraderie is truly unbeatable!

No other Running Travel Company comes close!

The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018
The combination of travel services offered to you is a package within the meaning of the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations. Therefore, you will benefit from all EU rights applying to packages. Running Crazy Limited will be fully responsible for the proper performance of the package as a whole. Additionally, as required by law, Running Crazy Limited has protection in place to refund your payments and, where transport is included in the package, to ensure your repatriation in the event that it becomes insolvent.

Your rights are as follows:
Travellers will receive all essential information about the package before concluding the package travel contract.
There is always at least one trader who is liable for the proper performance of all the travel services included in the contract.
Travellers are given an emergency number or details of a contact point where they can get in touch with the organiser or travel agent.
Travellers may transfer the package to another person, on reasonable notice and possibly subject to additional costs.

The price of the package may only be increased if specific costs rise (for instance fuel prices), and if expressly provided for in the contract, and in any event not later than 20 days before the start of the package. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the price of the package, the traveller may terminate the contract. If the organiser reserves the right to a price increase, the traveller has a right to a price reduction if there is a decrease in the relevant costs.

Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any termination fee and get a full refund of any payments if any of the essential elements of the package, other than the price, are changed significantly. If before the start of the package the trader responsible for the package cancels the package, travellers are entitled to a refund and compensation where appropriate.
Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any termination fee before the start of the package in the event of exceptional circumstances, for instance if there are serious security problems at the destination which are likely to affect the package.

Additionally, travellers may at any time before the start of the package terminate the contract in return for an appropriate and justifiable termination fee.

If, after the start of the package, significant elements of the package cannot be provided as agreed, suitable alternative arrangements will have to be offered to the traveller at no extra cost. Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any termination fee, where services are not performed in accordance with the contract and this substantially affects the performance of the package and the organiser fails to remedy the problem.
Travellers are also entitled to a price reduction or compensation for damages or both where the travel services are not performed or are improperly performed.

The organiser has to provide assistance if the traveller is in difficulty.
If the organiser or the retailer becomes insolvent, payments will be refunded. Transport is not included in the package, and therefore repatriation of the travellers is not secured. However under European Travel rights, airlines must repatriate the traveller if a return ticket has been purchased.

Now is the time for you to join us and see why our trips are the best by miles!

Malcolm Hargraves, Running Crazy Ltd, 18 Octavius Court, Waterlooville, Hants, PO7 8LY

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running trips abroad made easy with running crazy limited
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running trips abroad made easy with running crazy limited
running trips abroad made easy with running crazy limited
running trips abroad made easy with running crazy limited
running trips abroad made easy with running crazy limited
running trips abroad made easy with running crazy limited